Daniel Masson – Walila – Film Documentary

With the intention of creating a cultural bridge between the Western and Arab worlds, I travel to Fes,
Morocco to record musicians for my latest album, Walila.
The concept is to mix traditional Moroccan instruments and voices in an electronic soundscape.

Each of the four songs produced for my EP album Walila highlights a different stage of my music making process.
You follow me through my Morocco experience, get a look at the creative undertaking of composing electronic music in my studio in France, and as the film builds to the final live performance of the album at the Festival of Sacred Music of Fes.

This project started with my first stay in March 2016 in Fes, Morocco, in order to record musicians and singers.

Back in my studio in France, I started the composition and production process to prepare the second part of this project: to perform live this music at the Festival of Sacred Music in Fes.


During the production process I do a lot of editing of my recordings to create samples.
I also use a lot of machines and effects to create my sounds. And that work takes a lot of time.
But I think it’s important in order to create your own musical signature.

I use special equipment to perform live which allows me to improvise with the samples and different layers of my composition.
When I play this device on stage I get the same feeling as when I play the guitar.
It’s a similar challenge. But in this case instead of living the music as a musician I live the performance as a music conductor.
The production phase lasted 2 months.

Arrived in Fes a few days before the event for the last settings I performed on May 10th on Bab Boujloud
(the big gate to access the old Medina of Fes).

Daniel Masson - Sacred Music Festival of Fes

I was a little nervous before the gig, I didn’t know how the Moroccan audience will react with the music,
But one of my goals was to make them dance and finally my mission was accomplished; people were dancing…

daniel-masson-bab-boujloud-walîla live mix

Thanks and Credits

Orchestre Arabo Andalou de Fes, Said Chraibi, Hamadcha Sufi Confederation of Fes,
Abderrahim Amrani , Simo Semlali, Abdelatif Moujtahid, Nourdine Issawa, Mohamed Sousi, Léo Fabre-Cartier, Frédèric Camès, Christophe Steyer,
Addewafi Amrani,  Nabil Hilal, Saâd Aleh, Guillaume Binder and Sahrai Hotel Team.

With support by Institut Français de Fes.

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