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Release date : Sept. 22, 2016
Label : Daniel Masson
  1. Bab Boujloud
  2. Walila
  3. Medina Course
  4. Sahrai


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With the intention of creating a cultural bridge between the Western and Arab worlds, I travel to Fes, Morocco to record musicians.
The Walila concept is to mix traditional Moroccan instruments and voices in an electronic soundscape.

The film maker Reed Rickert follow me through my Morocco experience, get a look at the creative undertaking of composing electronic music in my studio in France, and as the film builds to the final live performance of the album at the Festival of Sacred Music of Fes,



Orchestre Arabo Andalou de Fes,
Hamadcha Sufi Confederation of Fes,
Said Chraibi, Abderrahim Amrani ,
Simo Semlali, Mohamed Sousi, Abdelatif Moujtahid, Nourdine Issawa,  Abdesselam Amri, Addewafi Amrani, Léo Fabre-Cartier, Frédèric Calmès, Christophe Steyer, Alami Otman; Nabil Hilal, Saâd Aleh,
Guillaume Binder and Sahrai Hotel Team.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

(P) (C) 2016 Daniel Masson