Trajectories Vol.1
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Daniel Masson — Trajectories Vol.1
Release date : Jul. 07, 2018
Label : Daniel Masson
  1. Juma Song
  2. Red Moon Break
  3. Los Tocayos
  4. Boarding Zone
  5. Coco Playa


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Our destinies are like Trajectories with random directions.
We try to control the direction and we shoot to a target that we reach or not.
Sometimes we have setbacks or we are propelled forward in unexpected ways .
We also cross paths with others and have a good run together when our trajectories align.
Such is Life.

Trajectories series is inspired by my live mixes experiences over the past couple of years.
Following the same concept, I blend and remixe my sounds, as if giving them a new destiny, a new life, a new Trajectory.

Thanks for help and support:

Luiz Andre Gama, Geoffrey Muller, Mary Spicer, Gabriel Hallé, Reed Rickert, Julien Masson, Pascale Masson.


Artwork: Luiz Andre Gama, neohub

Daniel Masson: programming, guitars.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

(P) (C) 2018 Daniel Masson