Jetlag – 2015 Edition

Release date : Oct. 23, 2015
Label : Daniel Masson
  1. Deia
  2. Utopia Airlines
  3. Moon Hotel
  4. Djoser
  5. Awe Te Oto
  6. Dhaka Mission
  7. A Uria
  8. Barcelona
  9. Indiestrip


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First released in early 2000s, this album is my first musical journey in blending traditional instruments and voices with electronic styles such as Ambient, Drum and Bass, Jungle, House, Trip Hop.

I used samples from my recordings sessions at Dahka – Bangla Desh as well as samples coming from Oceania and Pacific Islands areas.

Bari Siddiqui, Bibi Russel; Farida Parveen,  Christophe Steyer, Christophe Masson, David Trouffier, Daniel Kapelian,


All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

(P) (C) 2013 Daniel Masson