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Daniel Masson — Frequencies
Release date : May. 01, 2011
Label : Daniel Masson
  1. Bluecolor
  2. Jam at 2
  3. Pondi Night
  4. Zar Dimension
  5. Les Rubans
  6. Mogok
  7. Sofa on the River
  8. Ajia Aje
  9. Tentation
  10. Desert Sunset
  11. Flying
  12. The Backwaters


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Frequencies are snapshots, sets of encounters, views of wonderful landscapes, discoveries of the lives of people in big cities; in the countryside; in the desert … from France to Asia crossing the Middle East and India.

Frequencies as like “standing in the middle of a digital crossroad of different sound, color and human frequencies like a snapshots set of encounters with people, views of amazing landscapes, discoveries of life of people in huge cities; in the country; in the desert from France to Asia crossing the Middle East and India. The tunes are all small stories as a “carnet de voyages,” a set of sensations and frequencies I felt when traveling the world.


Voices: Kerim Messa, Hany Adel, Mayada Bselis, Rena Derkhorenian, Karunakaran TK, Mazaher, Liina Ranne, Adham Elsaid, Puppet.

Piano: Christophe Soullier

Canun: Pihilippe Dib

Trumpet: Michel Ragonnet

Tambur: Mehmûd Berazi

Daf: Abud Shamon

Duduk: Ara Tengerian

Violin and M’rababa: Hassan Hamidou

Oud: Ahmed Omran

Flute: Bari Siddiqui

Bouzouk: Mahmoud Kualdi


Daniel Masson: programming, guitars and bass and voices.


Thanks for help, inspiration and support:

Jonathan Rickert, François Vidal, Karunakaran TK, Gordon Purvis, Jean Michel Lessobre, Nicolas Poulain, Patavol, Micheline, Pascale et Julien Masson.


All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

Art cover by Fred Spillmann


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