Baul Dimension
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Daniel Masson — Baul Dimension
Release date : Jun. 05, 2004
Label : Daniel Masson Music
  1. Bangla Soul
  2. Lake Palace
  3. Baul Dimension
  4. In Flight
  5. San Carles
  6. Positive Bangla
  7. Shisho Bokota
  8. Bollywood Dhaka
  9. Kawran Bazar
  10. Hindu Kouch
  11. Mr Bari
  12. Paharpur
  13. Tone Tune Ganja


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Here is the story of Baul Dimension.

In 1999 and 2001 with the support of the French Foreign Ministry, Daniel Masson visited Dhaka twice to record and film the cream of Bangladesh’s Baul music tradition.
There, in one of the world’s fascinating countries, he encountered an interesting and ancient musical tradition in which its adherents “Bauls” attempt to liberate the soul from the body through music.

“The 2 times I’ve recorded in Dhaka, my Friend Bari Siddiqui gave me a big help for organize the recordings sessions.
Bari is a very famous flautist and singer in the country. He is an incredible artist who has gigs all around the world and he also makes music for Bangladeshi movies. Bari helped me in selecting some of the best musicians on the place: Firuz Khan, Norul Haque, Rita, Sonil, Rabindra Svatil Paul, Sheik Jasim and some other great musicians. You can listen to all of them through many of my tunes”.

Daniel Masson_Bari Siddiqui

He also met former Bangladeshi top model, Bibi Russell, and saw her “Fashion For Development” crafts project, promoting the techniques of Bangladeshi craftsmen.
In addition, he enriched the project by integrating elements recorded and filmed in Kenya, Cuba, Ibiza, Thailand and Pacific Island.


Voices::Bari Siddiqui, Rita, Farida Parveen,  Bibi Russel, Minalia Pouira, Puppet,
flute; Bari Siddiqui
Sitar: Firuz Khan
Tablas: Rabindra Svatl Paul
Santur: Norul Haque
Volin: Sonil

Daniel Masson: programming, guitars and bass.

Thanks for Help, Inspiration and Support:

Christophe Masson, Bibi Russel, Christophe Steyer, French Embassy of Bangla Desh, André Raynouard and People from Bangladesh.

Samples recorded at Studio Tone Tune (Dahka, Bangladesh).
Produced and mastered at Jungle Line.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

Art cover: Daniel Masson