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Daniel Masson — Adventures
Release date : Apr. 3, 2009
Label : Daniel Masson Music
  1. Fashion for Development
  2. Radio Juju
  3. Sonargaon
  4. Game Drive
  5. Topkapi Tone
  6. Khaja Villa
  7. The Village


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More exotic adventures in Bangladesh and the Pacific Islands.

Voices:Bari Siddiqui, Bibi Russel, , George Telek, Sheikh Jasim
Flute: Bari Siddiqui
Tablas: Rabindra Svatl Paul
Sitar: Firuz Khan
Violin: Sonil
Santur: Norul Haque
Samples from the Pacific islands and Kenya.

Daniel Masson: programming, guitars and bass.

Thanks for Help, Inspiration and Support:

Christophe Masson, Bari Siddiqui, Bibi Russel, Christophe Steyer, French Embassy of Bangla Desh, André Raynouard, George Telek, Philip Mortlock, Dianna Clarke, David Trouffier, Benjamin Dubois.Samples recorded at Studio Tone Tune (Dahka, Bangladesh)
Produced and mastered at Jungle Line.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

Art cover by Patavol