When I travel, I always try to focus on environmental sounds . That’s not so easy because your eyes often take the leadership of your senses.
 Most of the time we hear but we don’t listen to all of sounds around us.
If you pay attention to all sounds around you can capture some interesting soundscapes. When I travel, I try to catch the good ones. I’m always managing my life of traveler between handing my recorder and my camcorder. I use these 2 machines for recording sounds depending on the context. That’s important for my work and inspiration to get all kind of sounds from everywhere.

Daniel Masson, recording on the road

One day in Cuba, I was taking a car ride while the radio played; I listened and recorded a Fidel Castro speech. You can listen to it in my tune “Soukna” on Bingo E.P ..

I’m very inspired by the sounds because they are emotional. I also like to use ambiences in my tunes; I have recorded in the streets, airports, beaches, restaurants, planes, in the nature and so many places. I did a “felouka ride” on the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt, and it was the Muezin pray call. I used this sample in “Nile Bowling” on “Buddha Bar Travel Impressions” album.

Daniel Masson, Nile Bowling,recording on the road

I’ve also used some intake sound errors and off voices from my recording sessions.In Aleppo, Syria, Mizgin Tahir, a very talented Kurdish female singer has suddenly asked when I have already started recording “any specific place that you want me to start?” I recorded this fault and she has fed my tune “Trempolinno” on Trempolino E.P.


Daniel Masson_Aleppo, recording on the road

The same fault for Bari Siddiqui while he said “it’s very, very new experience in my life” in my tune “Tone Tune Ganja” on Baul Dimension album.



In Kenya, my Kenyan guide was speaking by talkie walkie, his sayings have been used in the intro of “Game Drive” on Adventures album. And so many others examples…

I choose these sounds for their meaning, frequencies and reminiscent power.
I often make some computer editing on these sounds. I cut, shorten, make longer, transpose, reverse…..
I also mix them with different sound textures.
I always do the work in my studio Jungle Line. I have my favorite tools and my personal rhythm of working: “always at night”.

Daniel Masson_studio

Recording on the road fuels my inspiration.