“Pondi Night” Free Single from Frequencies

The tunes of Frequencies are all small stories like a travelogue or a “carnet de voyages”, a set
of sensations and frequencies I felt when traveling the world.

This is the story of an encounter with an Indian musician, Karunakaran TK in a garden at Pondichery, India.
As we had no place where to record I set up my equipment in the middle of a garden in the middle of the night! With the warm night air, among the tropical vegetation with the breeze of the sea, it is probably the most astonishing recording session I have ever made. Of course, the setting for
KK improvised some melodies and poems in Malayalam language.

‘We dissolve in the music of the sea and wind
And its sound gives peace to our mind and soul’

‘My mind is dancing with the wind from the mountains’

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  • Tom on

    Nice song! I guess that the difficulty to record it even made it better! Keep on making them like that!
    Greets from Brazil

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