Daniel Masson Troubadour London Live Mix

I performed twice August 26 and 27 at Troubadour London.
It was very exciting for me to play in this place that has been an iconic venue since the sixties.
Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and so many other famous musicians have played there..

Daniel Masson atTtroubdour London
The venue is full of vibes remaining from that time.
It’s a very small stage.
The mood was great and the audience receptive.
As it’s a small place (100 people capacity) the sound was accurate and nice.

daniel-masson-live mix-at-troubadour-london

I prepared a special Live Mix for Troubadour.
I like to name my performances « Live Mix » to make a distinction with Dj-Set.
I’m not a Dj but a musician taking benefit of new technologies permitting to trigger sound elements as needed to improvise and create new soundscapes in live conditions.
I improvised on my tunes, remixing them by using samples from all my productions.


At Troubadour I did the job as always using a Mac Pro, Apogee Duet interface and Akai Apc 40 Mk2 controller.
My 2 Live Mix lasted 90 mns.

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