Daniel Masson

Daniel Masson is an independent artist, following his own unique style in the electronic and world-fusion music scene. As a composer, studio producer and musician.
 His career has encompassed the rise of popular electronic music, digital instrumentation and world music.

Through trips, including those in Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Cuba, Thailand, Cambodia, Syria and Egypt, he has met and collaborated with many artists from all corners of the world while developing a distinct style weaving diverse music genres from different cultures together in a unique way.

Known for his musical contribution to the hugely popular compilations of Buddha Bar, Daniel Masson has made a career of crossing musical and technical boundaries establishing himself as one of the names in Electro World-chillout music.

Largely self-taught having little formal musical training, at the age of fourteen, he founded a rock band as songwriter and guitarist.  His subsequent solo career has encompassed a variety of musical styles and genres including jazz-fusion, progressive rock and electronic music.

Arriving in Paris in 1976, Daniel Masson undertook work as a guitar teacher by day, while performing jazz in clubs at night. During this period, as the first synthesizers arrived on the scene, Masson was one of the first artists to experiment with computer assisted composition.

In 1987, he founded, along with his brother Christophe, the Jungle Boys a new wave musical outfit which was contracted to EMI France. For many years, he has also performed as studio producer and session guitarist for a number of artists.

Since then, as the music scene has transformed itself, Daniel Masson increasingly embarked on music programming and studio production scoring a number of high profile TV shows and commercials.

His work led Goran Bregovic to ask him to produce music for the movie Queen Margot. Over the years, Daniel Masson has also produced a large number of video game soundtracks for Ubisoft, Disney Interactive and many others. This has allowed him to explore and experiment other ways of making music. Masson’s work continues to be very much in demand.

Since 1999 and in particular after meeting Bari Siddiqui, a renowned Bangladeshi flautist, who created his own genre of folk fusion of North Indian Classical sounds with Baul traditional music, Daniel Masson has been heavily involved with World Music. He was travelling the globe in search of new sounds, in particular in areas of special spiritual and cultural significance.  Each of Masson’s albums tells a story of this journey and of his related encounters with people across the globe.

Daniel Masson’s first “music Journey” was via Electromana with “Jet Lag,” which outlined this brand new sound in the electro-world music genre.  Since then, Masson has composed and produced nine albums for the “Pacific Islands Collection” at Oceania Records.  Each album is a subject of a specific island in the Pacific.

With the support of the French Foreign Ministry, Masson returned in 2001 to Bangladesh to record and film the leading musicians of the Baul music tradition.  There, he met once again Bari Siddiqui and other artists including Farida Parveen and Bibi Russell, an international fashion designer and UN artist for peace. Two years later, he released “Baul Dimension” an atmospheric recording where digital sounds were fused with human voices and traditional instruments.

Daniel Masson continues to fuse genres, styles, and technologies to create new sounds. With the EP “Bingo “released in 2006 and the “Trempolino” in 2008, Masson worked to bring about a composition style blending ethnic sounds with minimalist electronic music. During 2007, as composer he went to Syria and Egypt to record singers and musicians for the music of “Buddha Bar Travel Impressions”, while Fred Spillmann produced the video. The CD\DVD album was later released in 2008 through George V Records.

Masson has now spent 10 years collecting ethnic sounds and voices to use them in his home studio.  His 2009 album “Adventures” reflected this in its collection of old songs remixed, including the track “Fashion for Development” featuring Bibi Russell, Bari Saddiqui amongst other artists.

The album Frequencies released on May 2011. 
Daniel Masson describes the album as like “standing in the middle of a digital crossroad of different sounds, colors. Frequencies is like a snapshots set of encounters with people, views of amazing landscapes, in the country, in the desert from France to Asia crossing the Middle East and India. The tunes are all small stories as a “carnet de voyages,” a set of sensations and frequencies I felt.”

During summer 2011, Masson composed an original electronic score for George Melies 1904 silent film “The Impossible Voyage”. Melies himself was a great innovator and a leading French filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments in early cinema.

On October Daniel Masson played this new composition live for the French Night at the Busan International Film Festival. This project was presented by the French Embassy of Seoul. Daniel Masson also played inside the old Seoul railway station for  the “Souvenirs from Earth” exhibition.

In addition, Masson in a series of separate events performed excerpts from his Baul Dimension and Frequencies collections at various venues throughout Seoul.

In 2012 Daniel Masson toured in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, Arizona and Geneva, Switzerland.
 These experiences fueled Masson inspiration for a new album “A Tiny Kick in the Brain” wich released on March 2013.

In September 2013, Daniel Masson performed live for the Yoga Music Festival  of Geneva.

March 2015: release of Ten Particles. This album blends Daniel musical tastes and experiences: electro, jazz, world-fusion and vibes from the sixties.

October 2015: release of Jetlag 2015 edition.This album is DM first musical journey in blending traditional instruments and voices with electronic styles such as Ambient, Drum and Bass, Jungle, House, Trip Hop.


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