Composing a new album

Daniel_Masson_ playing_bass

I’ve been working for a few months on a new album.
I would like to share this new adventure and explain to you my working process. Composing a new album is always a joy and a pain. There is joy when inspiration leads me to discover new musical horizons and there is pain when nothing happens. There is also the stress that comes trying to deliver good music to my audience.
The first step in making an album is to have inspiration, like a fire burning in your soul.
Originally I’m a guitarist, It was my job for many years. I did many gigs and recording sessions but now my computer has become my main instrument. Sure, i enjoy playing guitar and bass parts on my tunes, but only if the tune demands it.

Daniel_Masson_ playing_bass

I create rythms and chord progressions, then I record and mix them on my computer workstation. By travelling the world and recording musicians, singers and sounds, I’ve created a huge “sound library”. From this library, I choose and pick the samples of the voices and instruments I need for composing. I spend a lot of time finding the right place for each sample. This requires a lot of complexe computer editing to fix the rythms and tuning problems. I also spend a lot of time by sculpting each of the sounds to find the perfect mix. It takes me on average 3 weeks to compose a tune!

Daniel Masson_protools

Composing an album also needs to tell a story, to share a musical journey . I like the 60’s idea of concept albums like Pink Floyd “Ummagumma”, King Crimson “The Court of Crimson King”, The Who “Tommy”, Small Faces “Ogdens nut gone flake” and many others.
When I have a concept line, I feel good. It’s my drive and inspiration, thus resulting in the albums “Baul Dimension”, Buddha Bar “Travel Impressions” and all my other projects.
I have the concept for this new album. I have nearly 6 tunes ready and I will continue creating while my inner fire is still burning.

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Daniel_Masson_sacred fire

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