Collaborating with Jack Casady on new album project

A few months ago I was contacted by sound engineer and producer Stacy Parrish  (T-Bone BurnettRobert Plant/Alison Krauss) asking me if I were available for collaborating with Jack Casady for his new album project.

I felt very honoured that a rock and roll star like Jack Casady would think of me for making some tunes with him!
Jack Casady is the legend bass player of the 60’s  Californian cult bands:: Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship.
During his incredible career he jammed with Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead and so many famous musicians of the sixties / seventies.

So I accepted the invitation and I just came back of a 10 days stay recording with Jack and Stacy at Jack’s studio located at Jersey UK.

Jack is a great young man of more 70 years old with an incredible energy.

He explained to me that he would like to explore and play the bass in new musical dimensions.
I brought with me some electronic equipment and guitars.
We spent time to create some electronic soundscapes and improvising bass and guitar.

Yair Dalal joined us for the recordings in the final days.
Yair is a very talented violin and oud player.

It was an amazing meeting of 3 musicians coming from such different musical universes.
In the strange landscape of Jersey a kind of magic happened.
The wind of Inspiration was favorable and we recorded some good ideas.

Back in my studio, I continue the producing work.
There is no agenda and our goal is to achieve Jack’s project the best way possible.


Daniel Masson and Stacy Parrish in Jack Casady studio

Daniel Masson and Stacy Parrish

Daniel Masson and Jack Casady - Jersey 2016 recordings sessions

Blues Brothers

Jack Casady and Daniel Masson recordings sessions at Jersey

View from the sky.

Jack Casady and Daniel Masson in action

Jack and Daniel  in action

In Jack's studio at Jersey.

Daniel Masson, Jack Casady, Yair Dalal.

Meeting of differnent music styles

Meeting of differnent music styles.


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