A Trip to Seoul









A couple of weeks ago, I had a 10 day visit in Seoul, South Korea.
That’s a megapole of 20 million people. The city expands on a huge surface among the hills.
The town has a positive vibration, the economy is good and the people are kindhearted.
The art scene is bustling: musicians, artists, designers.
I really enjoyed it !!

I’ve walked for hours in the quarters: in my opinion, it is the best way to discover a city.
Sometimes I was totally lost !!!
Everywhere in the streets I was hearing “K- pop” which means Korean Pop Music.
“K-pop” is expanding it’s influence on many East Asian countries.
It is a trendy movement.
I also encountered a great musician: Yoon-Jeong Heo .
She plays a traditional Korean instrument the “geomum-go”.
We planned together some projects for the near future….

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